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"I'm going backwards through time at the speed of light. I'm yours, you're mine, two satellites not alone."

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"You have quite a lot of mad moments when you have to pinch yourself because you’re having drinks with Lana Del Rey at Chateau Marmont and she looks so perfect sipping her Shirley Temple and she smells so sweetly"


- Jessie Ware talking about Lana Del Rey

Katy Perry quoting Mean Girls.


Legends of the Summer Tour Feat Jay - Z (Yankees stadium)



NEON TREESBumbershoot // September 1, 2014 // Seattle


Bumbershoot // September 1, 2014 // Seattle


Abandoned Home in New Orleans (Farragut Avenue)


Abandoned Home in New Orleans (Farragut Avenue)


when you see your favourite band live




Wow phi phi is a hypocritical cunt

Please explain to me how so, or are you just another kid who assumes only one person can do a “darker” look.

The photographer and I sat down and talked about how we wanted “Wrath” to be represented by a demon like creature sucking the life out of Jesus, something different from the normal fire, red, and angry faces people always see.

I get you are only 16 but I hope next time you open your mouth you sound a little more mature than this.

Yet another reason why Phi Phi is one of my favorite people.

We are going to countdown our top five favorite Beyonce dance moves that everybody needs to know just cause it’ll make you a better person… 


Renee Nault



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